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About the Workshop

The Haven String Quartet (HSQ) performs in-school assembly or classroom programs to bring the excitement of live performance to school audiences. All the quartet’s programs combine performance, demonstration and participation elements. Music Haven’s teaching artists weave interactive learning opportunities and educational substance into 45-minute performances.

Each workshop introduces the string instrument family and explores concepts of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving methods. Workshops often also include illustrations of non-verbal communication within the quartet and explorations of emotions, textures, and imagery inspired by music. Through a combination of interactive activities, story-telling, and music, the HSQ connects musical ideas with academic, social, and cultural learning concepts. 

Examples of educational residency workshops include:

  • “Around the World with the Haven String Quartet”

  • “Whimsy and Caprice: Discovering Humor in Music”

  • “The Art of Conversation in Music”

  • “Music in Motion: Dances from Around the World"


W A T C H  T H E   V I D E O S  B E L O W

Customized, Creative and Interactive

The Haven String Quartet can customize a workshop, concert, or a workshop/concert package to meet the needs of your school or program. They play everything from Bach and Haydn to Duke Ellington and Michael Jackson. Our musicians can work with student-string ensembles, present in-class, curriculum connected workshops relating to concert programs, or present in-school interactive concert with student discussion and participation. 

The Cost

Prices vary based on length and content. The Haven String Quartet can work with you to find a package that fits within your school or organization's budget. Multi-day residencies are also available. Please contact us for more information.  

The Opportunity

All revenues generated through concerts and workshops support programming at Music Haven, a non-profit from New Haven, CT that provides free instruments, ensemble opportunities and after-school music lessons for over 80 youth from low-income neighborhoods. The Haven String Quartet musicians serve as teachers and mentors for all Music Haven students. 

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